About ADP

Our ‘About Us’ page is to thank you, all our valued customers who have supported us over the years, to make Analytical & Diagnostic Products the success it is.

With the support of Canberra Packard and Bioscan Instruments, A.D.P. was founded in September 1995 by Garth Todd.   The foundation of Analytical & Diagnostic Products is based on good customer care and after sales service.   After more than 20 years, Analytical & Diagnostic Products has remained true to its original customer service ethics.  With the continued support from our suppliers and the trust from our customers, we have been able to grow year on year.

In 2014 the company was taken over by the then three top management staff members, Duncan Coleman, Kerry Burke, and Paul Burke. With more than 50 years of experience at Analytical & Diagnostic Products between the three of them, we can only expect the company to grow from strength to strength.

The primary function of Analytical & Diagnostic Products is to supply, service and support analytical, diagnostic and research products including rapid hygiene monitoring systems; food safety solutions; general laboratory equipment; imaging and microscopy instrumentation; microbial detection products; environmental monitoring solutions; microplate instrumentation; electrophoresis equipment; pipettes and consumables; reagents and kits for research, veterinary, phytodiagnostics and drugs of abuse within Southern Africa.